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Want to build brand awareness while gathering valuable data about your target audience? Instagram Advertising allows you to do exactly that. With 800 million active users worldwide, this platform, provides a stage for you to present the best version of your business.

Whether you’re a Melbourne-based barber, a seafood shop in Sydney, an artisan bakery in Adelaide, a boutique in Brisbane or a pet shop in Perth, if you have unique, quality content to share with your customers, Instagram is a great way to get your brand out there.

What is Instagram advertising?

Built on selfies and inspirational quotes, Instagram has come a long way to become one of the world’s fastest growing digital marketing platforms. While the demographic skew is still geared towards a more youthful audience, it has grown to encapsulate a much wider audience. Users of a broad demographic are actively engaged with the content they see on Instagram, making advertising on the social platform highly advantageous, particularly for B2C (business to consumer) businesses.


Just like Facebook, Instagram Advertising runs on a pay-per-click basis. This means that you will only pay when the elected action is taken by the consumer. As a highly visual platform, Instagram gives you the option to advertise using images or videos in post, carousel, story or collection formats.

How will Instagram advertising benefit you?

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With Melbourne IT, we have a depth of experience in digital marketing, not just. This means that once your Instagram campaign is up and running, we can assist you to build out your integrated online marketing efforts. From professional web design to SEO and Google Ads, our team is equipped with years of experience and expertise. As the largest full-suite digital agency in Australia, we are here for your every step of your digital journey.

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