When to outsource your online marketing or do it yourself

Written on 24 April, 2019 by MelbourneIT
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The internet has changed how the world works. In fact, it’s created a whole new online world that we engage with every day. Making your small business stand out in a crowded online space seems simple, which is why so many of us choose to DIY our online marketing. But with so many businesses competing for the same space and the rules for success changing frequently, are we making the smartest choices? Only once you understand how online marketing works, can you decide if do it yourself (DIY) or done for you (DFY) is the best long-term strategy.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is actually quite simple. It uses the tools of the internet from search engines to social media to get your business at the top of people’s awareness and then converting that awareness into sales. Successful online marketing can be quite difficult. It requires a detailed understanding of what makes the big players like Google and Facebook happy and then using these skills to get your business to the top of their results and advertising.

There are many online marketing strategies you could use to build up your business’ online presence; from PPC to SEO, social posting and Facebook ads. And then there are all the little details that make it easier for customers to use your website and make them more likely to engage. Let’s take a look at how each of these elements work.

How to Make the Most of SEO

If you think the websites at the top of Google search made it there by accident, we have some news for you. There’s a whole set of rules which Google uses to select the most useful websites to place at the top, and we understand how they work. The title and description you use, your website link (URL) and the content on your webpages all play a role in helping you reach the top of search results.

The good news is you can improve on all of these to gain a higher position. The better news is you don’t have to do it alone. It’s usually better not to DIY this one as it requires a great deal of time to get right. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a popularly outsourced technique and we have teams who’ll help you succeed using it.

Google Ads That Are Worth Your Money

PPC refers to pay-per-click advertising and is commonly found as Google Ads at the top of the search results. One of the many benefits here is that you can see results faster than with organic methods like SEO, such as a few days rather than a few months. The risk with DIY is that you’ll waste valuable time and money creating an ad that doesn’t engage your customers.

There are lots of extensions you can add to Google advertising to enhance the functions of your ad; from direct links to your website to customer reviews and business phone numbers. Depending on the type of small business you have not all of these will be relevant. For the most effective Google ads we can offer personalised advice on what will work best for your business.

Using Social Media Like the Pros

With over half of Australia’s population checking in on social media each day, it’s a great way to keep your business profile front and centre in their minds. For some of us, updating social media all the time is easy and something we enjoy. For others, it feels like a chore. If posting to your social profiles is on the bottom of the to do list, why not consider swapping the DIY for DFY?

To get the most out of your social media you’ll need a campaign that combines regular posting with professional ads and a consistent brand style. We can offer expert advice on what kinds of posts will reach your ideal customers and help you implement a strategy for success.

Building an Engaging Website

There are plenty of DIY website templates that will allow you to build a website, but there are lots of little details these templates aren’t designed for. Having well placed links to your contact details, a design that catches the eye and mobile friendly features will all help take your website to the next level. While you could spend the time learning how to code and building your own website from scratch, do you really want to? Building an engaging website is easily outsourced and takes the pressure off you to get every little detail just right.

Should You DIY or DFY?

If you have the background knowledge and time required to keep up with new rules and changes in online marketing, then DIY is possible. If you’d prefer to focus on running your small business rather than its online presence, then outsourcing is the best option.

We’ve made friends with online marketing, so you don’t have too. Melbourne IT have the skills and knowledge to bring your small business out of the shadows of the internet and onto the first page. We still want your business to represent you, which is why we talk with our customers frequently to understand what they’re looking for from our internet marketing solutions. Start a conversation with our helpful team on 1300 793 248.

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