.au Service Level Statement

Date: June 2003

Melbourne IT Service Levels

This page provides information about Melbourne IT’s service levels for .AU registrants.

AU Registration Applications

  • Melbourne IT will process all new .au applications in a timely manner.
  • If there is any problem with a new .au application, Melbourne IT will communicate directly with the applicant or their agent.
  • All applicants can expect to receive a tracking number for follow up communications and email confirmation of the status of their application.
  • Generally Melbourne IT will respond to applications within 2 hours during normal business hours. This may not be possible from time to time as a result of work load or registry systems availability issues.

AU Renewals

Renewals are quick and easy with Melbourne IT’s online service. Simply follow the directions on your renewal notice. Whilst renewing is ultimately the registrant’s responsibility, Melbourne IT prides itself on the range of communication methods it employs, including email, fax and land mail, to get your renewal notice to you. However, if your contact details are not kept up to date, we may be unable to deliver your renewal notice to you.

We recommend that all registrants keep track of the expiry dates for their domain names, and renew their domain names 90 days prior to expiry. (If you wish to update your contact details, or wish to check on your expiry date, you can do so at any time using the Melbourne IT online maintenance tools, see information below).

Alternative AU Renewal Payment Systems

We understand that all businesses have different preferences in regards to preferred payment methods, some like to pay ‘online’ and some ‘offline’. That is why, where possible, Melbourne IT provides its registrants with alternative methods of payment in addition to our online credit card payment renewal service. These include credit card payment by fax and cheque.

Web Solutions Team

For those not experienced in domain name registrations, registering a .au domain name can be a little complex and daunting. In most cases unsuccessful applicants for .au registrations can expect to be contacted by telephone by one of our product specialists for assistance in relation to their domain application. There is no additional charge for this service. Melbourne IT believes that this distinguishes it from many other registrars.

Customer Service and Telephone Support

Melbourne IT provides extensive FAQs and self-help services online through our Support Community https://melbourneit.web-staging.com.au/. Here you will find the solution to most of your domain name related problems. If, once you have consulted this valuable resource, you still need assistance, Melbourne IT provides telephone customer support Melbourne IT provides telephone customer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Complaints and Issues Handling

Melbourne IT maintains a Complaints Handling Policy accessible at https://melbourneit.web-staging.com.au/legals/dot-au-complaints-handling/.

Melbourne IT also has a dedicated Policy Officer who may be contacted by email on policy@melbourneit.com.au.

New Functionality

Melbourne IT is regularly providing domain name registrants and resellers with new functionality related to domain names and other products. As an organisation we employ time proven development and testing procedures to ensure these systems are of a high quality.

Systems Access

Our online domain name registration and maintenance systems are generally accessible 24 hours a day and achieve a high level of system availability. Scheduled maintenance times are generally at the same time every week, during timeframes intended to cause minimal disruption to customers.


Melbourne IT is serious about protecting your online brands – your domain names. We employ a system of authentication –

  • a Melbourne IT Registry Key which is required for access to Melbourne IT ‘s systems only, and
  • the Domain Name Password (AuthInfo), which is recognised by the registry, and is used to authenticate a request to change the ‘Registrar of Record’ from Melbourne IT to another .au accredited registrar.

On Melbourne IT’s web properties, we utilise high level (128-bit) encryption levels on data you input into our website including personal and credit card details. For more about our security please see https://melbourneit.web-staging.com.au/legals/privacy-policy-2/.

Your Privacy Protected

Melbourne IT maintains a comprehensive privacy and use of information policy. To view this policy, please go to https://melbourneit.web-staging.com.au/legals/privacy-policy-2/.

Online Maintenance Tools

Melbourne IT provides a complete suite of online maintenance tools for your convenience and for successful self-management of your domain name. These can be readily accessed via https://melbourneit.web-staging.com.au/maintenance/ where you will be able to update your contact details, change the hosting of your domain name (called ‘delegation’) and look up your expiry date. This is a secure area and login is via your Melbourne IT Registry Key.