What is Domain Transfer Lock?

Domain Transfer Lock is a layer of protection against unauthorised domain name transfers.

Domain Transfer Lock gives you full control over your domain names while providing online protection from domain name hijacking.

Requires your approval via 2-factor authentication for vital changes like deleting or transferring a domain.

Domain Transfer Lock

from $ /year * Per domain.

Don't lose what's yours.

Losing your domain can be devastating. Our Domain Transfer Lock puts your domain on lockdown.
It makes accidental or malicious transfers virtually impossible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Domain Transfer Lock Service allows domain holders to request protection for their domain names and / or hosts. Domain Transfer Lock sets specific status codes on domain names to prevent malicious or inadvertent modifications, deletions and transfers. It’s like locking your doors and windows before going to bed at night. Your domain is one of the most valuable business assets you own – protect it from fraud with Domain Transfer Lock from Webcentral.

Domain Transfer Locking is a procedure that requires authorization to set up and then alter in the future (for transfers, updates and various other changes). Usually, registries that offer free domain locking have a self-service method that is inherently insecure – anyone who gets access to your account can turn the locking off. With Domain Transfer Lock, this cannot happen.

Once the process is initiated and all the procedures are followed, we can have your domain transfer locked within a few hours (some domains might require a couple of days to work with the registrar lock).

Domain Transfer Lock prevents DNS hijacking, unauthorised transfers, deletions, contact info changes, or any major change to the registration of an internet top-level domain.

Here’s a full list of what Domain Transfer Lock Does:

  • Domain Holder changes
  • Billing Contact changes
  • Technical Contact changes
  • Administrative Contact changes
  • Voluntary deletion of the domain
  • DNS Record (Name Servers) changes
  • Modifications to the domain registration by our staff

Domain Transfer Lock provides domain level protection. To ensure your website remains safe, you will have to make sure your website is completely secure and all software updates are current (we recommend using two-factor authentication on all logins related to your website).